Nintendo Fail

I dusted off the nintendo to play some mario 3 tonight. Well, I didn’t exactly dust it off as I am not sure I have enough cleaning devices for that currently… but I did pull it out of it’s corner.

I can’t really call it an epic fail considering that I’ve never actually beat a mario game, or any nintendo game for that matter (despite owning one long past it’s prime), but I was really thinking that tonight was the night where everything would change.

Maybe it was a new sense of resolve, or the fact that I had help, but I really thought “this game can’t be that hard”. Well, it beat me again.

I have to admit though, this is the first time I ever played anything higher than world 3. When it comes to video games I have a bit of a attention disorder. I’ve played the first world probably 80,000 times – yet always seem to stop after that… and with out the ability to save I am doomed.

Maybe I will look up some sort of strategy guide online, that seems like cheating though.

I will stick to my plan of playing the first world over and over and see if I ever win.


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Olympic Crazy!

Ever since I was a kid I have been a bit of an olympic nut. Every few years for a two week period you can find my holed up with my TV as the world’s elite athlete’s compete.

I am not an athlete (unless you consider hurting one’s self a sport), but that doesn’t stop me from trying to understand the physiology and psychology behind the events. For that two week period I pretend I know what judges are looking for and what is in the minds of the athletes.

I am so proud of all of the Canadian athletes. I can’t imagine what it must be like to train like they do and feel the stress they do. Even the Canadians who come in 30th place… I still think that is amazing. I wish I could say I was the 30th best in the world at anything. OUT OF 6 BILLION PEOPLE. Crazy.

The olympics also bring out my patriotic side. Anyone who knows me really well knows that I get teary-eyed every time I hear the national anthem sung by a crowd. It turns out I all out cry when Canadians win medals. There is something incredibly powerful about sharing a moment with an entire nation.

I am also aware of the dark side of the olympics and have been tuning in to some of the protests going on.¬†Events like this bring increased prostitution (and human trafficing), displaced homeless people, and somewhat irresponsible spending to name a few problems. However, I am a firm believer that it is not the athletes that create these problems, and this is their moment to celebrate and us with them. The dark side of the olympics is a symptom of much deeper systemic issues within our society and government. Protesting the games is like trying to treat symptoms of a disease to cure it. It’s not going to work… let’s celebrate some of our successes instead. The games are here, and happiness is a choice.

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Dodgeball is a serious sport

Much to the surprise of many people, there is a dodgeball league here in town. I’ve been playing the last few years, and although I don’t throw strong, I can usually be counted on for a game changing catch.

Until two weeks ago…

We were playing against¬†a fairly agressive team with some great throwers. It was the second game of the night. I wanted to see if I could shake the confidence of one of their top throwers by catching a ball even though we had no teammates off yet (usually the advantage to catching is that the thrower goes out plus you get an out teammate on). I saw my opportunity, I went in for the high speed catch… and…

The ball had a bit of spin to it and although I usually follow it in to my torso the ball went off to the side a bit and I caught it in my fingers. My right hand immediately crumpled and I let the ball fall to the floor. This wasn’t the usual jammed finger, infact although the contact was with my fingers I could feel the pain in my hand.

I sat through the rest of the game, with only a small detour to go stick my hand in a snowbank (this however didn’t happen because we play in a elementary school in the evening and a janitor spotted me clutching my hand and offered me some ice from the teacher’s lounge). I drove myself home after. Then, after some contemplation I decided to go to the hospital, with a stop for a large tea first because I assumed I would be there for a while.

The wait wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was in and out within two hours. I got a kick out of the x-ray guy fast asleep in the x-ray room. Night time healthcare is awesome. The x-rays showed a fracture just below my ring finger knuckle. They splinted me up, told me to come back in 10 days, and sent me on my way.


hand spint = arm splint

The good news is that I have a lot of free time now. No more dodgeball, had to cancel out of my wednesday night fitness class (I am not ready for one-arm pushups yet), no snowboarding for a while, and the worst part… I’ve had to drop out of my band for a while. I am not skilled enough to play the trumpet with 2 fingers. The bad news is that with one hand it’s hard to capitalize on having lots of free time.

I think the worst part is explaining to people that I hurt myself playing dodgeball. One person asked me if I was a teacher. heh.

I am also paranoid now that I haven’t been drinking enough milk.

I went for my 10 day check-up, things are looking good and healing up. Should only be two more weeks in a smaller hand splint. The doctor advised me to try to avoid falling on my hand and punching anyone. Seems like sound advice.

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Fresh start

Fresh start, new layout, cleaned up some stuff.

Now lets see what happens!

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